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Why I love being autistic

Autistic brain

Being autistic is not always easy. But because my brain works in a different way, I also get to experience things in an autistic way. That is not to say that neurotypicals do not experience this, they do. But my brain ,working in an autistic way reinforces some traits.

Detail orientated

I love how living in the moment allows me to experience things very intensely. Like when the morning sunlight hits my dog Ebba’s eyes. In that moment, nothing exists but the light reflecting in her irises. Her gaze going from dark brown to bright yellow. How it shifts from attention to mischief in a hundredth of a second when she squints a little with one eye in a small blink just before she darts off and wants me to chase her.

Different cognitive executive functioning

I love when I discover new favorite music. How the notes fill me up and give me a sense of euphoria. The experience becomes incredibly powerful and the world seems filled with glitter and shimmer as the music fills my entire being. As if everything else disappears and I float forward in a beautiful space.

Thinking outside the box

I love how creative my brain is. How it seems to think in alternative ways. The feeling when I get into flow with something creative and the world around me disappears and I am one with my idea or my project is fantastic. Every now and then it feels as if I dissolve and connect with something bigger at the same time.

In the moment

I love how my ability to be present in the moment can make me connect with someone. When we understand each other and I feel strong empathy for what the other person is about there and then, almost as if I am experiencing their feelings myself.


I love when I write about my characters in a novel and I go straight into their feelings and worlds. To have the opportunity to feel and be in their world so strongly is amazing. Time and space disappear and everything seems possible there and then.

Love for animals and nature

I love how I connect with animals and nature. As if we broadcast on the same channel. Feeling the wind against my face as I ride at full gallop on a horse through a shimmering autumn landscape in crisp air is pure sensory bliss.

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Thank you for reading.

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